No one is you – and that is your power…

“Fashion is a trend. 
Style lives within a person”

I founded my Blog “Candied Violets” in 2017.
I loved to create looks, write about Beauty and Lifestyle and of course create beautiful pictures to go with it.
Candied Violets was meant to inspire and to share tips trends and personal favorites with you. 

Currently my blog is being reimagined and I will let you know here of any news and a relaunch.

I created my Brand “Babette Brown” in 2018
Babette Brown Couture: those pieces are unique and hand made by me.
Babette Brown Collection: those items are designed by me
Ready to Wear: those items are hand selected by me and are available in various sizes

Similar to my blog, I am in the process of developing new products and I will let you know immediately of a new launch or drop right here.